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Embedded languages

A lot of programming languages used these days are composed of other programming languages. The most famous example is HTML, in which you will find JavaScript and CSS in <script> and <style> blocks respectively. In addition to those, you can even find some inline CSS in the style attribute of HTML elements, and some inline JavaScript in the onclick (and other events) attribute of HTML elements.

There is actually a remarkable number of examples of this behaviour, especially on the web: The different blocks in Vue’s Single-File Components, the sections in Svelte’s components, the frontmatter syntax and JSX-based component template of Astro’s components, the different blocks in Markdown (not to mention the common YAML frontmatter), and the list goes on.

As such, Volar was built on the principle that it is fairly likely that your language will have such embedded languages and has top-notch support for them. Notably, Volar can drastically simplify the mappings needed to get editing features working across the different parts of your files.

If your language does not have embedded languages: That’s completely okay! Volar will still work for you just as well, and it will be ready if one day you do decide to add embedded languages to your language