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File Structure of typical Volar project

This guide will show you how a Volar project is organized and what the different files in your project do.

Files and directories

Due to needing multiple packages to run the language server and VS Code extension, a Volar project will typically live in a monorepo. This is not a requirement, but it is the most common setup and recommended way to set up a Volar project.

Server (packages/language-server)

All files related to the language server are located in the packages/language-server directory.

  • package.json — Configuration for the language server package, including its dependencies and main entry point.
  • bin/server.js — The entry point for the language server binary. This file is responsible for starting the language server.
  • src/index.ts — Main file for the language server, setting up the server and its capabilities.
  • src/language.ts — Defines the language capabilities and provides methods for handling the project’s files.

Client (packages/vscode)

All files related to the VS Code extension are located in the packages/vscode directory.

  • package.json — Configuration for the VS Code extension package, including its dependencies, main entry point, and activation events.
  • src/extension.ts — Main file for the VS Code extension, setting up the client and activating features.
  • scripts/build.js — Script for building the VS Code extension.

Full example

Your Volar project will, in most cases, look similar to the following:

  • Directory.vscode/
    • launch.json
    • tasks.json
  • Directorypackages/
    • Directorylanguage-server/
      • Directorybin/
        • server.js
      • Directorysrc/
        • index.ts
      • package.json
      • tsconfig.json
    • Directoryvscode/
      • Directoryscripts/
        • build.js
      • Directorysrc/
        • extension.ts
      • .vscodeignore
      • package.json
      • tsconfig.json
  • package.json
  • tsconfig.json

Some generic files such as were omitted for brevity.